Warning About Homemade Virus Masks and How To Make One That’s Legit

We’ve found many, quite frankly, horrible homemade virus mask instruction videos throughout net.  One that shows how to use a paper towel, and another that uses a sock.  While others show the use of a coffee filter, wound up toilet paper, and wax.  Some are almost laughable, except that it could be literally deadly serious if someone would believe any of them and have a false sense of safety for making and wearing them.  Though the CDC currently recommends

Homemade virus mask
This is the virus mask shown how to make in the video.

that the general public wear some kind of “face covering,” the reason is to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by way of blocking the droplets produced by the breathing, coughing, or sneezing by someone who may have the virus knowingly or unknowingly.  But many persons may feel that any such “covering” will help prevent themselves from catching the virus.  Not only is this not necessarily true, but could in fact be counterproductive in such case.  Check out our new ever evolving article at: Make A Virus Mask, Warnings About Other Masks; Mask References 

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