It is first recommended to get acquainted with the basics and prep work which will save you much time and headache dealing with bucket projects at our:

Bucket measurements

Plus: Our own 2 exclusive original projects below

The Ultimate 5 Gallon Bucket Workmate – Workbench

(An AW Original Exclusive!)

ultimate 5 gallon bucket workmate workbench
The Ultimate 5 Gallon Bucket Workmate / Workbench shown in varoius set-ups.

The Sidekick Bucket Backpack

(An AW Original Exclusive!) Coming Soon!  ⇓

Sidekick Bucket Backpack
This backpack made of an altered 5 gallon bucket can be worn or carried like a backpack or side-mounted.

The Business Bucket
(Portable Camping Potty)

DIY Camping / Survival Shower

How to Make A 5 Gallon Bucket Garden

Air Ball Shooting Cannon.
Lots of websites show how to make this.  It’s generally a fun toy.  An accompanying PDF file with printable instructions for it Here

Bucket Fishing Rod Holder

Washing Machine from Buckets

Space Buckets

  • Plus Website
  • This is a community (subreddit on Reddit**) that is about “indoor gardeners” (perhaps for a lack of a better description).  They use various buckets for their endeavors.  Though highly niched, they provide some great insights about DIY bucket projects in general with a great photo gallery!


Homemade Mouse Trap

The idea isn’t new, but well presented and simplified at the above link.

5 Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner

Many locations throughout the internet show how to make this project; well presented at the above link and therefore chosen.  Though yet another unique variation of the project is presented below and well instructed…

Rocket Stove Using a 5 Gallon Metal Bucket

  • The above listed project is one of those rare cases wherein metal is the preferred type of bucket; and in fact, it is necessary for that particular project.. However, the below project is another option wherein metal is not used, nor is plastic – on the final piece, but the plastic bucket is used to cast the mold…
  •          Rocket Stove – Concrete

This Playdoh Costume:

  Looks to be made simply from a bucket and spray foam.

Bike Stand


DIY 5-Gallon Water Filter

Emergency Clothes Washing Machine

Foot Pump activated Bucket Field Sink

Bucket Strawberry Planter

Bucket Birdhouse

Chicken Feeder

Child Swing

Off Grid Air Conditioner / Bucket Air Cooler for Camping

No Explanation Needed Uses Below:

Use as gift boxes


Bucket as Gift box

Portable Potties:

Another popular and very simple idea.  You can find many self-explanatory images with no directions needed on how-to make such with a very simple Image Search, + Additional 5 Gallon Potties on Pinterest

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