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Five Gallon Basics:

First understand that a five gallon bucket is not a 5 gallon bucket all the same.  There’s different materials that they are made from; apart from some being made from metal, aluminum, or even wood; even some of the plastics are different – different enough that they make some projects unpractical for the given intended use.   It’s important to note that most projects made with these kinds of buckets are the food grade HDPE 2 type, even when the end project will not be used for storing food or water.  It’s perhaps ironic that the food grade buckets tend to be stronger for utility usage.  Metal and aluminum buckets are seldom used because they are easily dented, may rust, are noisy when used for hunting and fishing, and the metal would conduct electricity which is generally not desired for most projects.

5 gallon buckets displayed at Home Depot**
5 gallon buckets such as these are often at the front of the store at Home Depot** or Lowe’s**

Where To Get Free Buckets

Essential Bucket Working Templates and Strategies:

Make a bucket base layout template tool:

Rounding Bucket Layout Tool:


Drawing and/or tracing a circle on a rounded bucket is very difficult.
Drawing and/or tracing a circle or something circular on a round bucket is very difficult. Instead, save an old used bucket, and use the method described below…






5 Bucket Projects:

5 Gallon Bucket Workbench/Sawhorse

5 Gallon Bucket Workout


Reference Videos:






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