Why Smelling Good Matters More Than You Know

When it comes to getting a job, making a good first impression, or getting a guaranteed second date, making sure you smell good plays a huge role.

Though not the only resource, there’s a new course called Honey Hazard which seeks to address why you may have never given a second thought to your scent. Or maybe you’re very aware of how you smell. Perhaps you spend your money on commercial perfumes and deodorants.  Either way, you’re likely not making the impression you want. In your personal or your professional life!  With commercial products, you’re exposing yourself to chemicals and additives that don’t do much for your health, or the planet.

The course invokes to provide you with the tools to reach scent domination in every arena of your life. This starts by helping you understand why smell matters so much.  Read on to get a better understanding of why scent is so powerful, and why smelling good matters much more than you know!

1. Our Sense of Smell Is More Powerful Than We Think

You may think that scent isn’t that important. But it’s actually one of our most powerful senses. Nerves that travel from the nose to the brain don’t necessarily reach our conscious processing centers, but they do inform our subconscious!

Messages from our noses travel all over the brain. Scents are capable of invoking memories of past situations. They increase our awareness of the world around us and help us make connections.

2. Smell Plays a Role in First Impressions

Do you have a job interview? Going on a date? Smell plays an important role in first impressions.

When you’re first meeting someone, they have very limited time and information with which to make an initial impression. External factors make up the majority of someone’s first impression.

This includes the clothes you’re wearing, your voice, your style, and you guessed it…the way that you smell! You know what they say. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Make sure you’re making the impression that you want with the right scent!

3. Dates and Mates: Our Sniffing Subconscious

Did you know that your body odor can impact how attractive others perceive you to be? The nose can pick up on scents that might indicate sickness. Our subconscious interprets this as ‘less attractive,’ because it indicates a potentially less healthy mate.

With the nose acting like such a powerful tool in the dating game, you want to make sure that you’re not turning off potential mates. Smelling good, and smelling natural, is important to communicate, even subconsciously, that you’ll be a good partner.

4. Quality of Life

Scents can play a role in our happiness level, as well as how confident or relaxed we feel. Smell is powerful in that it can trigger different states of being. This impacts how we feel about ourselves, our situations, and our lives.

Good smells can inspire feelings of self-worth. They can calm scared or agitated people. The power of scent can help you focus, or tap into your creativity.

Smells can increase, or decrease, our quality of life.

5. Emotions

The processing of scents and smells is actually linked to the part of our brain that processes emotion. There’s emerging evidence that demonstrates we can actually smell other people’s emotions!

Scientists believe that we may be able to enter a room, and subconsciously smell the emotions of people within it. This is powerful science, and it even suggests that the emotions we smell are contagious.

Doesn’t that make you want to smell good?

The Bottom Line: Your Scent Matters!

So if a scent is so important, how can we maximize the way that we smell to find success? This is particularly important for singles looking to find dates, people who are trying to get an ‘edge,’ in a competitive job market, and people who work in sales.

If you’re going on a date or headed to a job interview you need to pay attention to the messages you’re giving off, through your smell!

One Submitted Solution

Enter the Honey Hazard Scent Domination System. The kit style course will teach you everything you need to know about perfume making, and making scent diffusers. It’s an innovative system, unlike anything else available.

If you’re wondering how you can start smelling good, by maximizing the power of honey, that’s where you’ll find it. The course will not only show you how to make your own diffusers, but it’ll also teach you how to make perfume particularly for the diffusers. It will explain how to wear perfume, and how to manage body odors.

The diffusers you’ll learn how to make are versatile and functional. You’ll learn how to make a front pocket diffuser, a diffuser for your car, and a diffuser for your keychain. These are easy to make and require no special knowledge or skills!

You’ll also get an exclusive workbook,Beeing Scentfully Successful.’ This helpful book will be your guide to knowledge of scent protocols.

Smelling Good: It’s a Big Deal!

You now have a better sense of why it’s so important to smell good. It matters much more than you may have previously thought! From helping you make a good first impression to landing a date, your personal scent is key to your success in your personal and professional life.

The course is the right tool to help you reach your scent goals. For more information and resources on human scent, check out the page. You can also sign up for our course there too.

Finding the Right Scents For a Perfect First Impression

Making a great first impression is everything in the world of business. Learn to pick out the right scents to really succeed at gaining favor.

Whether you’re heading to a job interview or going on a first date, you only have about 27 seconds to maka good first impression!

And, as it turns out, often that first impression is being formed before you even open your mouth! Outward appearance plays a huge role in someone’s impression of you. This includes your tone of voice, body language, clothes, your hairstyle, and your accessories.

One aspect of the first impression that you may be overlooking? Your scent!

If you’ve never thought about your scent, or you don’t know where to start in addressing it, don’t worry.  Many courses and books can guide you of where to begin.

Why Scent (and Smell) Matter

If you’re like most of us, you probably give little thought to your smell. Beyond a daily shower, it’s possible you don’t think too much about the scent you’re giving off to the world.

But you should be! Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses. It has the power to alert us to danger, communicate our emotions and feelings, as well as evoke good or bad memories.

If you’re not paying attention to your scent, you’re not paying attention to the first impressions you may be leaving on people around you. If you work in retail, car sales, or in real estate, this can have disastrous implications for your business.

It’s possible that the scent you’re putting out into the world is turning people away. Maybe you want to be more competitive in the job market. Maybe you’re single and looking for ways to be more attractive to potential dates.

You have to consider the importance of the way you smell and recognize what messages you may be sending with your scent.

Common Scent Solutions and Why They Don’t Work

You may think that the answer to your scent problems is commercial perfumes or deodorants. Unfortunately, these expensive products just contribute to the problem!

You have a unique smell; it’s a combination of oils and hormones that makes up you. Commercial products do not mix well with these natural chemicals. The smell that you create may not be the one you intend!

Not only this, but commercial products are full of additives and chemicals. Deodorants can have chemicals that disrupt your endocrine system. They may contain heavy metals that can leach into your bloodstream.

Perfumes are commonly known to cause headaches and dizziness. Many businesses now have restrictions on wearing scents in the workplace. The scent that you chose may be making others sick.

These products are expensive too. You could end up spending more than $100 on a bottle of department store perfume. Deodorant is a frequent expense.

After a while, these costs add up. The bottom line? You’re wasting your hard-earned money, and you deserve a better solution.

These products are also temporary fixes. Using them is like putting a band-aid on a problem, instead of looking for a more permanent solution. 

Invest in Your Success: Through Scent!

This article may have introduced a number of concepts you’ve never considered before. It’s possible you haven’t given much thought to your signature scent in the past.  But it is very much important for social success!

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