Chocolate Fun Facts, Sources, Resources, and Side Notes

Fun Facts, Sources, Resources, & Side Notes

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Fun Facts:

  • Vanilla is a very common ingredient in chocolate bars; therefore when you are eating chocolate, often you are also eating what psychologically for most people is the opposite perceived flavor of chocolate— which is vanilla!
  • Largest cacao producing country:  Ivory Coast, Africa with an estimated 1,710,000 tones being produced.
  • “Cacao Mothers” is a term used to portray the larger trees grown next to cacao trees to shade them from the sun.  Such trees are usually rubber, banana, and/or coconut palm trees.

Resources and References:

The Advice Watch by Advice Star neither necessarily condones nor condemns the validity of the information found at the following below links.  In some cases they may be included without any verification of accuracy; but rather based on interesting appeal, presentation, or possibly even controversy.


Science Friday** “Chocolate Crystal Concoctions”

Exploratorium** “Sweet Lure of Chocolate”

Green America** “TIME TO RAISE THE BAR: “The Real Corporate Social Responsibility for the Hershey Company”



Exploratorium “Chocolate Invades Europe”

BBC** “Chocolate’s Frothy Past”** “History Of Chocolate”

Hershey’s** Tropical Chocolate Bar for U.S. Army’s Field D-Ration Introduced 



UCSF** “Cocoa flavanols improve vascular and blood pressure measures for coronary artery disease patients”

The Jama Network** “Chocolate and Blood Pressure in Elderly Individuals With Isolated Systolic Hypertension”

Exploratorium** “Feel Good Food”

ProHealth** “Chocolate’s Potential Health Benefits – and its Effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients”

Michigan University of Medicine** Healing Foods: Dark Chocolate

Scientific American** on Dark Chocolate and Microbes

PBS/NOVA** on Dark Chocolate Possibly Improving Memory 

Psychology Today** on Dark Chocolate Good for Brain

The National Center for Biotechnology Information**: “Cacao seeds are a “Super Fruit” ” 

Time Magazine** on Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

Gundry MD** on “Dark Chocolate Polyphenols Boost Heart, Brain & Skin Health”; +(Also many health sources noted on this page) 


Science Friday** “Make Your Own Sour Cream and Bittersweet Chocolate”

“Choc Full of Science” by Science Friday**

Lady Web**/** on “Making Chocolate 101”  ~Great Content Here!



Side Notes:

Cocoa Translations:
Chinese: 热巧克力
Japanese: ココア
Korean: 코코아
German: Kakao
Portuguese: cacao
French: cacao
Italian: cacao
Spanish: chocolate



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