Make A Virus Mask, Warnings About Other Masks; Mask References

There’s many instructional videos throughout the internet for creating a virus mask, facemask, or face cover. Some are good.  Others not so good.  While others are outright dangerous because they promote a false sense of protection.  And in fact, many of the videos found on YouTube and Facebook actually unwittingly show how to increase your chances of catching a virus while touting just the opposite as: “It’s better than nothing.”  But are not better than nothing.  They are in fact, worse than nothing!  Understand that your warm, moist, bacterial breath provides an excellent nurturing ground for bacteria and germs to breed. While, the condensation and vortex in the mechanics of how your breath can accumulate all of these things upon the perfect surface (moist cloth types of material) can actually help you suck in and inhale those nasty elements.  **Watch the above video for more information, and return to this page for additional references.**

* This article is ever-evolving! Check back for updated material and references! *

Items used to make this project:

  •  Liquid Nails brand “Fuze It” caulking glue
    (Pretty much any glue that is strong and dries flexible will probably work).
  • Fairly strong wire or wire-like material.  Used in this project was Gear Tie brand rubber twist ties.
  • Custom cut piece of air purifier material from an air purifier filter
    The particular air purifier filter used in this project was a 3M Filtrete brand model # HAP8650 (B).
    (But nearly any will probably work as long as it has enough width to cover from just under the eyes to just below the chin).
  • A loose weave cloth, preferably made of cotton (But the primary purpose of the cloth is to help prevent moisture build-up on the primary filter, and filter initial debris).
  • Some waterproof or water resistant tape. (Duct tape will probably work just fine, but Gorilla brand Patch and Seal Tape was used.)
  • Plastic zip ties were used, but fishing line would probably actually work better.
Homemade virus mask
This is the virus mask shown how to make in the video.


Washing the pre-filter
drying the pre-filter

The outer pre-filter which is used primarily to prevent moisture collection on the internal filter and block initial debris is washable.

Simply hang the pre-filter out to dry after washing.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has no specific recommendations for how to make  “face coverings,” and regards them as something completely different than medical grade facemasks.  See:

And the purpose of the CDC’s recommendation for everyone to wear a “face covering” is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 during this pandemic by way of blocking the breath, cough, and sneezing of those who either currently have the virus with symptoms, or those who may have the virus without knowing it.

And the reason the CDC generally recommends against the general public wearing medical grade masks is to ensure that healthcare workers have enough supply.  But in our above project, you can make a facemask that rivals medical grade face masks without disrupting the medical supply chain.  In fact, with our above project, healthcare workers can make or have made for them, this mask if standard medical supplies run short.  In fact, there is a call for Help to Make Masks For 2020 Healthcare Workers due to PPE Shortage (See: ) , and our above project can help.

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