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1. The #1 place target for car burglars is hotels. They know people travel with a lot of stuff in their luggage, and many people are tired after a long flight or drive, and therefore do not feel like toting all of their stuff up into their room. Nearly always, even if you can see the burglars breaking into your car, by the time you get down the elevator or stairwell or otherwise out the door, they are gone. Or, if you call the police or even hotel security, they are gone by the time anyone can get to the area of your vehicle. It will never take even amateur car burglars longer than 2 minutes to break into your vehicle, take all they want, and be gone. And that’s long. Professional burglars will take a maximum of 30 seconds to do all they need to do.

Even if you do not care about any particular items in your car… For example, Let’s say that you have a bag in your car, and such bag does not have anything in it that you would be concerned about if such were stolen. Well, when burglars look inside your vehicle and see “a bag” they do not know what’s inside the bag, but it could nonetheless entice them. You may not care about your bag being stolen, but the trouble and expense of the broken window or popped lock will provide you with a bad day.

2. Even the finest of hotels generally do not have more than 2-3 security personnel on duty at a time. They can not be everywhere. Your security is always in your own hands.

3. Hotel security is nearly a misnomer. A hotel can not feel anything like a prison. Though the hotels can afford it, they really hate to have cameras in too many places. They don’t want their staff, and particularly not their security personnel “watching” people too closely. Often, many people who are not guests and have no business being at a hotel, will roam freely, using the pool, spa, fitness center and other facilities. They can do such completely unchallenged for at least a few days until somebody can “substantially” notice. Because the thing is, who is going to ask them if they are guests? The hotel employees are thinking “If he is indeed a guest, and I ask him if he is, he may get offended.” Of course, there are ruses that security personnel and management use to determine if someone is a guest, but even such ruses are used with caution not to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

4. Hotels are never designed with security in mind. They are designed with convenience and comfort in mind. The security designs are made after the main structure of the hotel is built.

5. Hotel WiFi internet provides the greatest opportunity for hackers seeking easy prey. If possible, ask the hotel for wired internet (an Ethernet cable that will plug into a socket and be physically wired to your computer). Though not hack-proof by any means, wired internet is nearly always far more secure than anything wireless



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