Chocolate Notes

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Fun Facts:

  • Vanilla is a very common ingredient in chocolate bars; therefore when you are eating chocolate, often you are also eating the opposite perceived flavor of vanilla!

Resources and References:

The Advice Watch neither necessarily condones nor condemns the validity of the information found at the following below links.  In some cases they may be included without any verification of accuracy; but rather based on interesting appeal, presentation, or even – controversy.


Science Friday “Chocolate Crystal Concoctions”

Exploratorium “Sweet Lure of Chocolate”

Green America “TIME TO RAISE THE BAR: “The Real Corporate Social Responsibility for the Hershey Company”



Exploratorium “Chocolate Invades Europe”

BBC “Chocolate’s Frothy Past” “History Of Chocolate”



UCSF “Cocoa flavanols improve vascular and blood pressure measures for coronary artery disease patients”

The Jama Network “Chocolate and Blood Pressure in Elderly Individuals With Isolated Systolic Hypertension”

Exploratorium “Feel Good Food”

ProHealth “Chocolate’s Potential Health Benefits – and its Effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients”


Science Friday “Make Your Own Sour Cream and Bittersweet Chocolate”

“Choc Full of Science” by Science Friday




Side Notes:

Cocoa Translations:
Chinese: 热巧克力
Japanese: ココア
Korean: 코코아
German: Kakao
Portuguese: cacao
French: cacao
Italian: cacao
Spanish: chocolate



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