Our New Section About Best Methods of Searching For Advice And Tips

Here we have our new section that will cover various ways we search for quality advice and tips across a broad range of sources.  Check out:

Searching for advice the Advice Star way

It’s an evolving piece like anything else we do.  We’re always on the lookout for new techniques and strategies in the quest for tips and information.  Additionally, we also will cover any new apps, search engines, or social networking sites that promote the providing of quality advice, tips, and projects.  Ultimately, the advice “-Radar-“ is on, and we will be looking out for the great advice tips from other web sites!

Remembering and Describing Suspects – An Original AW Article republished to our New Site here

This article sets out to explain the effects of adrenaline on memory and the important things to observe and remember when faced with a crime or observing crime committed against others.   Whether robbery, theft, terrorism, assault, or numerous other crimes many people simply can not seem to recall important information – let alone details of a crime.   Even when on the phone with emergency operators when a crime is in progress, many people do not know how to describe a suspect in live real time until the operator asks for the information.  They are not observing the suspects, but only what is happening.  Check out this classic first published on the original AW site transferred here:  Describing Suspects in our new Article portal.

This Is Our New Journal

This is the new online journal (blog) of The Advice Watch!  We had to make a separate website for this new journal because of the structure in which we intend to grow will involve multiple platforms.  Some things are just better done on this type of blogging platform, while other things are not.  So, we will bounce back and fourth primarily across this domain and the original AdviceWatch.org website which is in and of itself under all new renovation.  Sure, we could have added an extension but we feel that it is just much more organized to have separate websites interlinked.  We are new to this type of blogging also and we hope that you’ll have some patience and “keep an eye on the watch” as we delve into this new layout.  We have exciting new plans and projects that we are working on for the Advice Watch.   In the meantime you can check out some of our new articles and how-to projects, and note that these are ever-evolving so we could add new info to any article at any given moment.   Thank You for all of your interest and curiosity!