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Pumkin Carving is specific in terminology, while a Jack-O-Lantern refers more about the entire decoration of a pumpkin including any attached ornamentation, props, or jigs.

Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Carving On The -Radar-

Our Current Top Picks for: Pumpkin Carving and Jack-O-Lantern Decorating Happy Halloween! Woman is carving pumpkin. Family preparing for holiday. Simple carved out jack-o-lanterns lit up at night. As always we scour the web for straight forward easy to comprehend sources for the given topics.  These change all the time as websites become obsolete or new sources are found.  Three …

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Top Apple Pie Recipe Bestowments

Today is #National-Apple-Pie-Day. This is our top pick of apple pie recipe articles and videos based on the criteria of content, presentation, structure and layout of information.  Videos below, followed by articles… Articles based on content, presenatation, ease of reading… Homemade Apple Pie All-star Pink Lady apple pie

Warning About Homemade Virus Masks and How To Make One That’s Legit

We’ve found many, quite frankly, horrible homemade virus mask instruction videos throughout net.  One that shows how to use a paper towel, and another that uses a sock.  While others show the use of a coffee filter, wound up toilet paper, and wax.  Some are almost laughable, except that it could be literally deadly serious if someone would believe any …

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