Ranked: The Top 5 Tip Websites for Pumpkin Carving and Jack-o-Lantern Ornamenting

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Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Jack-o-Lantern Ornamentation

Ninja Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin
Pumpkin Carving is specific in terminology, while a Jack-O-Lantern refers more about the entire decoration of a pumpkin including any attached ornamentation, props, or jigs.

1.  ExtremePumpkins.com provides all kinds of info about pumpkins and carving such.

2.  PumpkinGutter.com provides tutorials about pumpkin carving. A very well designed information platform.

3.  Pumpkin Carving Tips – Crafts For-All Seasons.com provides a quick set linked topics platform with a moderate amount of ads on page.

4.  Pumpkin Masters sells products. But they are up front about that, and provide tips by linked topics and many of the tips can be applied whether using their templates and products or not.

5.  Pumpkin Carving 101 provides various tips by linked topics. Very well organized information about the topic.


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